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Traditionally Glazed Pottery

Gallery Two features pottery that has been glazed in a traditional fashion, which includes layering different glazes before the final firing to about 2,000 degrees. The heat of the kiln interacts with the chemicals in the glazes to form unique designs and textures.
The images below are representative of the one-of-a-kind items created by EarthDances Pottery. Because of their dimensions, they have special shipping requirements. Please Contact Us for information on their cost and availability.
For more contemporary glazework, see Gallery One.

(Enlarged versions of images may take a few moments to load.)


Beige Dancing Vase
13 inches tall

Decolletage Vase
14 inches tall

Celadon Leaf Vase
9 inches tall

Green Dancing Vase
14 inches tall

Red Dancing Vase
14 inches tall


Long-Handled Tall Blue Pitcher
12 inches tall

Long-Handled Medium Blue Pitcher
10 inches tall

Jade Long-Handled
14 inches tall

From a design standpoint, a pitcher is a vase with a spout and handle. But these additional features give the traditional vase new life, turning it into a vessel that can provide practical function at mealtime, as well as offer a whimsical opportunity for expression.

Along with being suited for flower arrangements, pitchers have an appealing symbolism. An entity that can receive, hold, and give forth has a pivotal role in the symbolic dance of life. Of all the EarthDances vessels, perhaps the humble pitcher offers the greatest versatility.


Black Marbled Pitcher
12 inches tall


Woman Emerging Series

Prayer Vase
7 inches tall

Early in the life of EarthDances, vases began to appear with human faces carved into the walls, and the style was called “Woman Emerging.”

Faces became a popular signature theme, which continues to flourish in a variety of forms.

More from this group are in Gallery One.

Amber Sprite
9 inches tall

Mermaids in the Mist
11 inches tall

Meditation Vase
9 inches tall


Plates, Platters and Bowls

Rhubarb Leaf Platter
18 inches long,
12 inches wide

Red-Lined Bowl
8 inch diameter

Waltz of the Flowers
Three nested bowls:
14, 8, and 3 inch diameters


Amber Rimmed Bowl
11 inch diameter

Long-Leaf Platter
19 inches long,
9 inches wide